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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual



The purpose of the PHANTOM.RESUME program is to re-launch phantoms which have been stopped either by a planned stoppage or by an automatic shutdown.  It is meant to be run on an hourly schedule either by “crontab” on unix or by Windows’ “Task Scheduler”.   


Scheduled Runs of PHANTOM.RESUME:

PHANTOM.RESUME should be run by your operating system’s job scheduling tool (either crontab or Task Scheduler) every hour, once per logon, starting at about 5 minutes past the hour.  For example, if an agency has 3 logons (A, B, and C), it should run for logon A at XX:05; for logon B at XX:06; and for logon C at XX:07.


The reason that this is an optimal schedule is that it assures that automatically stopped phantoms, which tend to stop just after midnight, are re-launched a small number of minutes thereafter, minimizing down time. 


Maintenance of the unix crontab and Windows’ Task Scheduler tools is the responsibility of the agency and/or their operating system support people.  You may find our Scripts for System Launched Processes page helpful in getting this set up.


Finding a Phantom to Launch:

The program examines the current status of each phantom defined for the current logon. 


If the current status is “Automatically stopped” the phantom is launched.


If the current status is “Stopped, as planned”, and if the current time is within 4 hours after the planned resume time, the phantom is launched.


Picking Up on Processes Which Would Have Run:

Different from a manual launching of a phantom, a resumed phantom will logically go back in time and run processes which would have run during the time period that it was stopped.


RESUME-LOG item in the PHANTOM-LOG file:

Every run of PHANTOM.RESUME is registered in the RESUME-LOG item in the PHANTOM-LOG file.  The time and date of the run is recorded, along with the logon.  If any phantoms are launched, that fact is noted.



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