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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual

History of Enhancements, by Release


Release 1.05

Completed February 11, 2011.

New Features:

-          PJP now has the capability of running pre-defined TCS Easy Out report.

-          Report files from both the Schedule Processes Query screen and Easy Out reports will now be automatically purged after a user-specified number of days.

-          Add the ability to configure nightly times for the PHANTOM.DRIVER to go to sleep, to avoid file-locking clashes with a system backup program.

Bug Fixes:

-          Re-initialize SP-ASSIGN command before each use by PHANTOM.DRIVER instead of defining it at program initialization time.  As previously implemented (in v1.04) any change to the printer output spec is not responded to until phantom is stopped and re-started.

-          Use separate PHANTOM-CONTROL items for keeping track of the last date that expiration warning messages were sent, one for PHANTOM.CONSOLE which displays a warning on the screen, another for PHANTOM.MONITOR which sends an email.

-          In the Phantom Detail Screen, in version 1.04, if a process is deleted, any other process after that one in the list will not have the comment or stacked inputs appropriately updated.  There is an unhealthy mixture of single valued and multivalued contiguous attributes in the PHANTOM-SETUP file.  To fix this, the data structure of the PHANTOM-SETUP file will be re-configured.  Upgrades to version 1.05 (and later) will need to run the new program PHANTOM.UPGRADE.V105 to re-distribute the data into the new structure.

-          In the Process Detail Screen, in the stacked inputs section, add a token for the slash character.  Use @SLASH. 

-          In the Process Detail Screen, in the stacked inputs section, allow the entry of 200 bytes (virtually unlimited).  Move the stacked input data down one line and all the way to the left.  There will now be only 5 lines per page instead of 6. 

-          If there is no evidence that the PHANTOM.RESUME program is being regularly run from the operating system, disable access to the planned stoppage screen from the Phantom Console Main Screen.

-          In the Scheduled Processes Query Screen, tighten up the constraints on the “Day Range” filter entry to make it so that M-END may not be entered.

-          In PHANTOM.RESUME, when run under jBASE, need to add code to make sure that all of the basic program libraries listed in MD PROGRAM-FILES are added to the environment.

-          In PHANTOM.RESUME, force the ACCOUNT variable into upper case.

-          In PHANTOM.KILL, in the jBASE/NT section, don’t logoff unless port is non-null.

-          In PHANTOM.KILL, in the jBASE/NT section, precede logoff command with char(255): “k”, to execute Microsoft logoff instead of jBASE/Cubs logoff.

-          For report files written from the Query screen, change the extension from .txt to .xls, so that the file will be opened by Excel instead of Notepad.  It’s a tab-delimited ASCII file, not really in Excel format, but calling it .xls is just a little white lie to make everything work smoother.



Release 1.04a

Completed September 13, 2010.

New Features:

-          Added new program PHANTOM.CUBSADM.LAUNCHER to allow the PJP to co-exist with the non-TCS CUBSADM logon. 

Release 1.04

Completed July 12, 2010.

New Features:

-          Add flexible Scheduled Jobs Query Screens to the Phantom Console program.

-          Add configuration of Log Line Limit to the Phantom Detail Screen.

-          Allow entry of lower case commands to all command prompts at the bottom of the screens.

-          Add a free form comment field to the Process Detail Screen.

-          Add “M-END” cycle for processes to execute on the last day of the month.

-          Add the capability for the PHANTOM.MONITOR program to send one email per day to the administrator, warning that the license to use PJP will expire in 30 days or less.

-          Sort multiple processes within a single phantom alphabetically before filing them.

-          Add programming for UniVerse/Windows platforms. 

-          Changed name of Email Screen to Configuration Screen and added Report Folder prompt.

Bug Fixes:

-          When there are 7 existing stacked inputs, make the (N)ext option available when you first enter the stacked input command prompt.

-          In PHANTOM-DAYEND program, remove code to set spooler form-queue, since that is now specified in the Phantom Detail Screen.

-          In PHANTOM.DRIVER program, clear input buffer between processes, to negate the effect of unused stacked inputs from one process to the next process to execute.

-          In PHANTOM.KILL program, if the port to kill is null in the database, don’t execute the LOGOFF command for that port because it will logoff the current user, which isn’t very friendly.

-          In PHANTOM.MONITOR program, check all phantoms for being hung, regardless of their current status.



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