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PJP Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the most used features of the Phantom Console program. 


You will

-          set up a new phantom,

-          schedule a process to run,

-          launch and stop the phantom, and

-          verify that the process actually ran.


At the completion of this tutorial, you will be familiar with the user interface, the various controls and most of the screens in the Phantom Console program.


Table of Contents

Step 1 - Get familiar with PHANTOM.TEST program

Step 2 - Bring up the Phantom Console

Step 3 - Enter header information for a phantom

Step 4 - Enter process specifications

Step 5 - File the new phantom

Step 6 - Launch the phantom

Step 7 - Stop the phantom

Step 8 - Phantom Detail Screen

Step 9 - Phantom Log Screen

Step 10 - Delete the phantom

Step 11 - Prove that the PHANTOM.TEST program actually ran

Step 12 - Review




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