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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual

Phantom Console – Configuration Screen


The Configuration Screen gives the user the ability to specify email addresses to be notified in the event of specific phantom system events.  Also, the report folder used by the Scheduled Processes Query screen is specified here.




          Phantom Console – Configuration Screen        02/28/2005 22:36:05   



  Phantom Started: phantom.admins@yourcompany.com

     Phantom Hung: phantom.admins@yourcompany.com;joe.cool@yourcompany.com

  Phantom Stopped: phantom.admins@yourcompany.com

   Phantom Killed: phantom.admins@yourcompany.com

    Report Folder: D:\PJP\Reports\
















 OK? (CR=Y,N)




Screen Prompts:

Email Addresses: Enter email addresses, separated by semi-colons (;), for people to notify when each of the system events occurs.  There are only 56 characters available in this field.  Frequently, that is not enough characters to enter all of the desired recipients for the email.  If the field is too short, the recommended solution is to set up an email recipients group on your email server.  Enter the email address of the recipients group here.


Report Folder:  Enter the report folder to be used by the Scheduled Processes Query screens to write query output to a file.





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