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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual

History of Enhancements, by Release


Release 1.04

Completed July 12, 2010.

New Features:

-          Add flexible Scheduled Jobs Query Screens to the Phantom Console program.

-          Add configuration of Log Line Limit to the Phantom Detail Screen.

-          Allow entry of lower case commands to all command prompts at the bottom of the screens.

-          Add a free form comment field to the Process Detail Screen.

-          Add “M-END” cycle for processes to execute on the last day of the month.

-          Add the capability for the PHANTOM.MONITOR program to send one email per day to the administrator, warning that the license to use PJP will expire in 30 days or less.

-          Sort multiple processes within a single phantom alphabetically before filing them.

-          Add programming for UniVerse/Windows platforms. 

-          Changed name of Email Screen to Configuration Screen and added Report Folder prompt.

Bug Fixes:

-          When there are 7 existing stacked inputs, make the (N)ext option available when you first enter the stacked input command prompt.

-          In PHANTOM-DAYEND program, remove code to set spooler form-queue, since that is now specified in the Phantom Detail Screen.

-          In PHANTOM.DRIVER program, clear input buffer between processes, to negate the effect of unused stacked inputs from one process to the next process to execute.

-          In PHANTOM.KILL program, if the port to kill is null in the database, don’t execute the LOGOFF command for that port because it will logoff the current user, which isn’t very friendly.

-          In PHANTOM.MONITOR program, check all phantoms for being hung, regardless of their current status.



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