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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual

Phantom Console – Scheduled Processes Query Screens



The Scheduled Processes Query provides flexible access to process configuration data combined across logons and phantoms.


There are 3 screens for this program, the main screen, the process list screen, and the process details screen.


Main Screen:

The main screen is used to define selection criteria and sorting order for the process list screen.  It gives the user the flexibility to define a query to get a view of selected processes in an order relevant to the current analysis requirements.


There are 2 sections to this screen.  The “Filters” section defines selection criteria which determine which scheduled processes will be included in the output.  The “Sort By” section defines what order they will appear in.



          Phantom Console - Scheduled Processes Query - Parameter Entry


          ************* Filters **************

        Logons:  ALL

     Day Range:  ALL

Run Time Range:  ALL


         ************* Sort By **************

           Logon Name: 1

         Phantom Name: 2

      Run Instruction: 3

                 Cycle 4

Next Launch Date/Time: 5











(S)how processes, (/)change, e(X)it:



Filter Fields:

Please remember that the filters work with implicit logical “AND”s between them.  The only results that will be included in the output are those which pass all of the filters.  This is not an either/or set of selection criteria.


Logons: Enter a single logon name, multiple logon names separated by semicolons, or ALL.


Day Range: Enter the days of the week separated by semicolons (i.e. M;W;F), or as a range (i.e. M-F), or ALL.


Run Time Range: Using 24 hour military time, enter a range of hours separated by a dash (i.e. 08:00-14:00), or ALL.


Sort By Fields:

Use these to define the sorting order for the processes listed in the next screen.  By entering a number between 1 and 5 next to one of the fields, the numbers of the other fields will be adjusted according to your last entry.  It’s difficult to write a more detailed description of this, so we suggest that you play with it until it becomes intuitive.


Command Prompt Options:

S:  Perform the query and show the results on the next screen.

X:  Exit from the Schedule Processes Query screens

/:    Move the cursor back up to the top of the screen to modify your entries.



Process List Screen:



Phantom Console - Scheduled Processes Query - Process List          Page 1 of 1


Ln   Logon      Phantom     Run Instruction            Cycle         Next Launch

001. CCI        DAYEND      PHANTOM-DAYEND             M-F           07/14 21:00




















(F)ile, (P)rint, nbr, e(X)it:



Command Prompt Options:

F:  Create a sequential file with all of the data tab-delimited to facilitate import of the data into a spreadsheet program.  The path and name of the newly created file will be displayed in a window.


P:  Cubs’ “Select Printer” window will display, allowing you to route the printed output as you prefer.  All pages of the query results will be routed to your selected printer.


nbr:  Activates the process detail screen for the process in the line number entered.


N: Next page. Used if there are more query output lines than fit on a single page, and this is not the last page.


B: Back a page.  Used if there are more query output lines than fit on a single page and this is not the first page.


X:  Exit from the process list screen, returning to the main screen.



Process Detail Screen:



          Phantom Console - Scheduled Processes Query - Process Details


              Logon: CCI

       Phantom Name: DAYEND

    Run Instruction: PHANTOM-DAYEND

            Comment: A comment about dayend

              Cycle: M-F                    Printer Form: F0

     Scheduled Time: 21:00                    Print/Hold: 1 – Print only

        Next Launch: 07/14 21:00      Easy Out File Name:

       Maximum Time: 03:00

        Last Status: Completed

        Last Launch: 06/04 21:00

  Last Elapsed Time: 00:00:46

Email on Completion: john.george@cubsconsulting.com;joe.cool@yahoo.com

Stacked Inputs:












Command Prompt Options:

X:  Exit from the process details screen, returning to the process list screen.





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