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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual

Phantom Console – Planned Stoppage Screen


The Planned Stoppage Screen gives the user the ability to specify:

-          The number of days that a phantom will run before it does an automatic shutdown.

-          The stop and resume time for a planned system outage.




               Phantom Console – Planned Stoppage Screen          



  Auto Shutdown Days: 7

           Stop Date: 05/24/2008

           Stop Time: 22:00

         Resume Date: 05/25/2008

         Resume Time: 04:00
















 (F)ile, /=change, e(X)it:




Automatic Shutdown Days:

Once the Phantom Job Processor is on the job and doing its thing, your IT staff will tend to forget about it.  It takes care of itself and demands very little attention.  However, any long-running process on a computer server will ultimately have its memory space corrupted by random system events.  The longer it runs, the more likely it is to happen.


Phantoms running under PJP have the ability to shut down after a specified number of days and to automatically be restarted by the PHANTOM.RESUME program.  The first prompt on this screen is where the number of days can be maintained.  7 days seems to work well for most users of the PJP, so that is the default.  You can enter as much as 99, or you can remove this parameter completely, turning off this functionality, but CCI doesn’t recommend that.


Planned System Shutdown:

Planned stoppages are different from automatic shutdown days in that they are for a specific future period of time when you expect that your computer host system will be shutdown.  This usually occurs for hardware maintenance or for a periodic system re-boot.


Use the bottom 4 prompts to specify the dates and times for when your system will be going down and for when you expect it to be coming back up.  All phantoms on your system will stop just prior to the scheduled time.  The PHANTOM.RESUME program will re-launch them on its next run after the resume date and time have been reached.


Please be aware that if a process has been launched and is executing at the time of the planned stoppage, the phantom will not automatically stop until the process completes and gives control back to the phantom driver program.  Because of this, it may be necessary to reschedule some long-running processes (i.e. dayend) to assure that the phantoms are idle at the time that you want them to shut down.


NOTE:  For both types of shutdowns, once the phantom resumes, it will automatically execute any jobs which are scheduled to have been launched during the time that the phantoms were shut down.


Command Prompt Options:


/:  Slash at the command prompt will take you back to the first prompt at the top of the screen


F:  F at the command prompt will permanently save the changes that you have made and return you to the Phantom Console Main Screen.


X:  Return to the Phantom Console Main Screen.  If there have been changes made to these parameters which haven’t yet been saved, you will be prompted to enter “X” again to confirm your desire to lose the changes.






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