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PJP Tutorial – Step 1

Get familiar with PHANTOM.TEST program:

This is a preliminary step, so that you can become familiar with the demonstration program.  In the next step, you will begin working with the Phantom Console.


Included in your PJP software, in the PL-CCI file, is a program called PHANTOM.TEST.  This program prompts the user for a text value and writes out an item to the PHANTOM-LOG file showing the date and time along with recording the text value that was entered. 


From TCL, enter PHANTOM.TEST and key [Enter].  When prompted to input some text, enter any text value that you would like.



Please input some text: SOME TEXT                                              



Once again, from TCL, you can look at the resulting item in the PHANTOM-LOG file by entering LIST-ITEM PHANTOM-LOG ‘PHANTOM-TEST‘:




PAGE    1                                            14:19:02  18 May 2007     



001 14:18:29  18 MAY 2007                                                      

002 SOME TEXT                                                                  



 1 Records Listed                                                              




If you are curious about the source code of this small program, you can view it here.



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