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PJP Tutorial – Step 2

Bring up the Phantom Console:

The Phantom Console program is the user interface for the PJP system.  All configuration and monitoring are done on this collection of screens.  During PJP installation, a link to this program was added to Menu 12 of your TCS menu system.


Go to Menu 12 and choose the Phantom Console menu item.  You will see the Phantom Console Main Screen:


  Phantom Console - Main Screen (YourLogon) – Ver 1.05     05/18/07 14:55:22  

Nbr  Logon      Name        Status                                             






















(A)dd, (C)onfig, (R)efresh, e(X)it: A                                             


Since you have a new installation of the PJP software, this screen is empty.  Once the software is being utilized, you will see a list of all of the phantoms on your system here.  The bottom prompt has many more options than are visible here.  Once you have a phantom up and running, you’ll see more of the options.


Enter A to add a new phantom.


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