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PJP Tutorial – Step 3

Enter header information for a phantom:


               Phantom Console - Phantom Detail Screen      05/20/07 12:47:09  


    Logon: YourLogon                   Printer Form: F0                       

     Name: TUTORIAL                      Print/Hold: 1- Print only            

Log Limit: 200

                                                              Override     Max 

Nbr Run Instruction    Cycle     Time   Last_Launch  Status   Next_Launch  Time


















(H)eader, (A)dd, (F)ile, (R)efresh, e(X)it: A                                  


You are now looking at the “Phantom Detail Screen”.   Please answer the prompts as follows:


Enter the name of your logon within which this phantom will run.


Enter the name of this phantom, TUTORIAL.

Log Limit:

Accept the default value of 200

Printer Form:

Enter the form queue number where printed output from the processes running under this phantom should be routed.  Since we will not be generating any printed output from the PHANTOM.TEST program, you can safely bypass this prompt..


If you entered a printer form, simply accept the default value of 1.


You have defined the header data for the phantom.  Now, it is time to add a process (or job) to this phantom.


Enter A to add a new process.


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