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PJP Tutorial – Step 4

Enter process specifications:



               Phantom Console - Process Detail Screen    05/20/07 13:27:02    

                     YourLogon - TUTORIAL                                            


     Run Instruction: PHANTOM.TEST                                             

               Cycle: C                              Printer Form:                            

                Time: 00:05                            Print/Hold:                          

        Max Run Time: 00:01                                                    

Override Next Launch:                                                           

 Email on Completion: Phantom_Admin@YourURL.com                                


 Stacked Inputs:                          

 01. TEXT VALUE FOR PHANTOM.TEST                                                                              












(/)change, (F)ile, e(X)it: F                                     


You are now looking at the “Process Detail Screen”.   Please answer the prompts as follows:

Run Instruction:

Enter any command which will work if entered at TCL.  In this case, enter the name of our demo program PHANTOM.TEST.


Please take the time to read the explanation of the scheduling options offered by PJP. 

For the purposes of this tutorial, enter C for continuous runs.


Enter 00:05 to schedule 5 minutes between runs.

Max Run Time:

The PHANTOM.TEST program doesn’t take very long to execute.  Enter 00:01 for a maximum run time of 1 minute.

Override Next Launch:

Bypass this prompt by keying [Enter].

Email on Completion:

Enter your own email address to be notified each time the program completes.


Bypass this prompt by keying [Enter].

Printer Form:

Bypass this prompt by keying [Enter].


This prompt is automatically bypassed because you didn’t enter a Printer Form.


Stacked Inputs:


This is not a normal prompt, but logically more like a screen within a screen.  There are multiple options, starting with the bottom prompt:

Stacked Input command: (A)dd, e(X)it:


If you are running a program which requires user inputs, you can pre-input the required values here.  Our demo program requires user input, so a value must be entered here. 


Enter A at the bottom prompt to add a stacked input.

Enter TEXT VALUE FOR PHANTOM.TEST on the first line

Key [Enter] at the second line, bringing you back to the bottom prompt

Enter X to exit the Stacked Input prompting.


Important Note: Stacked inputs can be troublesome.  Click here for details.


Returning to the main bottom prompt, you have now defined the parameters for a process to run within your phantom. 


Enter F to save your specifications for this process and to return to the Phantom Detail Screen.


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