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PJP Tutorial – Step 5

File the new phantom:


               Phantom Console - Phantom Detail Screen      05/20/07 13:54:35  


    Logon: YourLogon                   Printer Form: F0                       

     Name: TUTORIAL                      Print/Hold: 1- Print only            

Log Limit: 200

                                                              Override     Max 

Nbr Run Instruction    Cycle     Time   Last_Launch  Status   Next_Launch  Time

01. PHANTOM.TEST       C         00:05                                     00:01

















(L)og, (H)eader, (A)dd, (D)elete, nbr, (F)ile, (R)efresh, e(X)it: F            



You should now be looking at the Phantom Detail screen.


Even though you’ve done a lot of work setting up the phantom and a process to run within it, nothing has been finalized.  You must file your work.


Enter F to file your work and return to the Phantom Console Main Screen.



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