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PJP Tutorial – Step 6

Launch the phantom:



  Phantom Console - Main Screen (YourLogon) – Ver 1.05     05/20/07 14:07:45  

Nbr  Logon      Name        Status                                              

01.  YourLogon  TUTORIAL    Phantom added; not yet launched                    





















(A)dd, nbr, (Q)uery, (D)elete, (L)aunch, (C)onfig, (R)efresh, e(X)it: L                  


You should now be back to the Main Screen, which should look like this.


At this point, everything has been set up to demonstrate the PJP in action.  We will now launch the TUTORIAL phantom and use the Phantom Console to monitor its progress.


Enter L at the bottom prompt to launch the phantom.  A secondary bottom prompt will display.


Enter line number to launch (1,(A)ll): 1


At the “Enter line number to launch” prompt, enter 1.


When the screen comes back, note the new “Status”.  It will probably say “Completed running PHANTOM.TEST”


Wait about 10 seconds, and enter R for refresh, once again noting the new “Status”.  It will probably say, “Waiting to launch PHANTOM.TEST at ________” indicating that the program will run again in 5 minutes.



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