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PJP Tutorial – Step 7

Stop the phantom:



  Phantom Console - Main Screen (YourLogon) – Ver 1.05     05/20/07 14:19:08  

Nbr  Logon      Name        Status                                              

01.  YourLogon  TUTORIAL    Waiting PHANTOM.TEST at 05/20 14:23      





















(A)dd, nbr, (Q)uery, (S)top, (C)onfig, (R)efresh, e(X)it: S   


We will now stop the phantom.  Enter S.  A secondary bottom prompt for the stop function will come up.


Enter line number to stop (1,(A)ll,(L)ogon,(P)lanned):1


At this prompt, enter 1.


The status may briefly say “Stop requested as of ________”, but after entering R for refresh, will soon change to “Stopped as of_____________”.


Once the phantom is stopped, enter 1 to bring up the Phantom Detail Screen for the TUTORIAL phantom.



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