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PJP Tutorial – Step 9

Phantom Log Screen:


Page 1 of 1          Phantom Console - Log Screen           05/20/07 14:25:40  



05/20 14:19 Phantom stopped                                                    

05/20 14:19 Phantom stop requested by MK                                        

05/20 14:19 Waiting to launch "PHANTOM.TEST" on 05/20 at 14:23                 

05/20 14:18 "PHANTOM.TEST" completed; elapsed time 00:00:00                    

05/20 14:18 Launched "PHANTOM.TEST" at normal time.                             

05/20 14:18 Phantom started                                                    

05/20 14:18 Phantom start requested by MK                                      














(R)efresh, e(X)it: X                                                                                                           


This the Log Screen.  It is ordered so that the most recent event is at the top.  Please look at it carefully to understand the nature of the audit trail provided by the PJP software.  Note the date and time that the program PHANTOM.TEST last ran, in the example above on 05/20 at 14:18. 


Once you are done, return to the Phantom Main Screen.


Enter X to return to the Phantom Detail Screen.

Enter X again to return to the Phantom Main Screen

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