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PJP Tutorial – Step 10

Delete the phantom:


  Phantom Console - Main Screen (YourLogon) – Ver 1.05     05/22/07 14:28:39  

Nbr  Logon      Name        Status                                              

01.  YourLogon  TUTORIAL    Stopped as of 05/20/07 14:19:35                    





















(A)dd, nbr, (Q)uery, (D)elete, (L)aunch, (C)onfig, (R)efresh, e(X)it: D                                                                 


We will now delete the phantom.  Enter D.  A secondary bottom prompt for the stop function will come up.


Enter line number to delete (1): 1


At this prompt, enter 1.


Once again, the Phantom Main Screen is empty, as it was at the beginning of the tutorial.


Enter X to exit the Phantom Console, returning to the menu.  Once at the menu, please navigate to TCL for the next step.


In the next step, we will find proof that the PHANTOM.TEST program actually ran.


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