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The collection agency business requires dynamic software than enables an agency to respond quickly to the changing requirements of clients and collection techniques. More often than not, these needs can be met on a timely basis only by customization of existing software. Cubs Consulting specializes in providing quick and efficient customization of The Collector System. With over 20 years of experience throughout all phases of this software, Cubs Consulting is your best choice for knowledgeable assistance.

Examples of Custom Work

Customized Client Reports

Specialized Financial Reports

Multiple Industry Interfaces

DialerView - Enhanced Dialer Interface

Automated DAYEND

Automated Data Exports to Web Sites & non-PICK Databases

Interfaces With Skip Tracing Services

Mail Outsourcing Interfaces

Additional Post Dated Check Controls



So now where do you go?  Cubs Consulting will show you the way.
So many options and none of them seem to be what you need?
Let Cubs Consulting help develop exactly what you are looking for.



Examples of Custom Work
Finally an automated solution for running multiple scheduled and redundant tasks is available as an integrated solution for The Collector System®! With multiple levels of monitoring and control, the Phantom Processor is a must have for any CUBS administrator who is tasked with streamlining operations while maintaining and even reducing overhead costs.

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