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Agencies ask: “What entries do we make into our main accounting system to mirror the entries in Columbia Ultimate’s Collector System (TCS)?" and “How can we reconcile the general ledger balances in our accounting systems with the sub ledger balances in TCS?”

Finally, these long asked questions have an answer in the Enhanced Trust Accounting module from Cubs Consulting.  Enhanced Trust Accounting (ETA) provides the ability for an agency to balance, on a daily basis, their payables, receivables, cash, and trust account(s) in their general ledger with the results of trust activity in The Collector System (TCS).


Enhanced Trust Accounting

ETA On-Line Help Guide & Documentation Enhanced Trust Accounting Documentation
(On-line help guide)



"We are balancing every single day to the penny.  It’s a great product.  No one should be using CUBS without ETA!!"

Scott Kessler
Corporate Controller
AllianceOne, a Teleperformance Company

ETA Presentation from the 2011 Art of Success Conference


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