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Phantom Job Processor Reference Manual

Phantom Console – Phantom Detail Screen


The Phantom Detail Screen of the Phantom Console displays header information, a list of all of the individual processes, plus gives the user the ability to:

-          Access historical information for this phantom by navigating to the Phantom Log Screen

-          Change header information for this phantom

-          Add a new process to the phantom

-          Delete an existing process from the phantom

-          Change an existing process by navigating to the Process Detail Screen



            Phantom Console – Phantom Detail Screen          02/28/2005 22:35:45   


    Logon: CCI                       Printer Form: F0

     Name: RTN_FILES                   Print/Hold: 1 – Print only

Log Limit: 200

                                                              Override     Max       

Nbr Run Instruction    Cycle     Time   Last_Launch  Status   Next_Launch  Time

01. ABC.RTN.FILE       M-F       03:15  02/27 03:15  Done                  00:45

02. XYZ.RTN.FILE       M-F       04:00  02/27 04:00  Done                  00:30















(L)og, (H)eader, (B)ack, (N)ext, (A)dd, (D)elete, nbr, (F)ile, (R)efresh, e(X)it:



The list of processes is sorted alphabetically by the run instruction.

Command Prompt Options:


L: Activates the Phantom Log Screen.  Before transferring control, you will see this prompt: “Show log for process nbr (1-2) or (A)ll:”.  If you choose a process number, only log entries for that process will shown.  If you choose “A” for all, you will see all log entries for the phantom.  In practice, in most circumstances, the “A” option is your best choice.


H: Brings the cursor to the top part of the screen, allowing changes to the 4 header fields.  See Header Prompts section below for more details.


B: Back a page.  Used if there are more phantoms than fit on a single page and this is not the first page.


N: Next page. Used if there are more phantoms than fit on a single page, and this is not the last page. 


A: Activates an empty Process Detail Screen for adding a new process to this phantom.


D or Dnn:  Delete a process from this phantom.  If “D” is entered, another prompt will display “Delete which process number (1-2)”, showing the numeric range of process line numbers.  Entering “nn” will delete a specific processs.  If Dnn is entered, it is the same as if “D” is entered and “nn” is entered for the second prompt. 


nbr: Activates the Process Detail Screen for the specified process number.  That number must exist or an error message is displayed.


F:  Save the phantom, as modified.


R:  Refresh the display with current data.  Note: Every time you refresh the display, the PHANTOM.MONITOR program is run to detect hung phantoms.  This program is usually run hourly by the operating system.


X or /:  Return to the Phantom Console Main Screen.  If there have been changes made to this phantom which haven’t yet been saved, you will be prompted to enter “X” again to confirm your desire to lose the changes.


Header Prompts:

Note: If the phantom is new, or its current status is stopped or killed, you will be able to modify the Logon and Name header fields.  Otherwise, those fields are not available for change.


Logon:  This is a required entry.  Embedded spaces are not allowed in this field.  The value entered must be a valid logon on your system.


Name:  This is a required entry.  Embedded spaces or quote marks are not allowed in this field.  If there is already another phantom for this logon with the same name, it won’t be allowed.  Even though up to 20 characters are allowed, because there is a limited amount of room available on the Main Screen to display the name, we suggest that you limit the name to 11 characters.


Log Limit:  This is a required entry.  Enter the number of lines to save in the log file for this phantom.


Printer Form:  Enter the printer form number or name.  Printer “F0” can be entered as “F0” or simply “0”.  When the phantom is running, the printer will be re-assigned to this form after each job is run.  To remove this specification, enter a space followed by Enter.  This form is the default value for this phantom; it may be over-ridden by a different specification at the process level.


Print/Hold:  This field is not available unless the Printer Form field has a value.  There are 3 choices, as follows:

                        1 – Print

                        2 – Hold

                        3 – Print and Hold




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