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Phanton Processor
The Phantom Console program is a series of 5 screens which allow the system administrator to configure and oversee all of the functionality of the Phantom Processor software.  It can be password protected for tight control.  The screens include:

The Main Screen contains a list of all of the individual defined phantoms showing their logon, name, and the current status of each phantom.

The Phantom Detail Screen contains a list of all of the processes (jobs) which are controlled by that phantom.

The Process Detail Screen contains the defining elements for each individual job, including TCL command, run days, run time, email recipient(s) at job completion.

The Email Recipients Screen contains lists of email addresses of personnel to notify when a phantom is started, stopped, recognized as hung, or killed.

The Log Screen contains a complete audit trail for each phantom or for each process within a phantom.

Main Screen

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Phantom Details
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Phantom Job Processor Process Details Screen
Process Details
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Phantom Job Processor Email Screen
Email Recipients
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Phantom Processor Log File Screen
Process Log File
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